Syncovery 7.98p

Syncovery 7.98p

Super Flexible Software – 14.8MB – Shareware –
Back up your data and synchronize PCs, Macs, servers, and notebooks! You can set up as many jobs as you need, and the software comes with support for all of your hard disks, as well as a large number of cloud services, such as FTP and secure FTP servers, SSH, WebDAV, Amazon S3 and Glacier, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure Storage, Rackspace, DropBox, OneDrive, and simple http for downloading directly from web sites. It includes block-level copying, ZIP compression, data encryption, and a scheduler for automated backups. The scheduler can run as a service without users having to log on. On Windows XP or later, locked files can be copied using the Volume Shadow Service. This program features the ability to freely select files and folders across the whole folder hierarchy in a tree view, and it has support for e-mail notification, profile categories, and various filters.

The software also supports Unicode characters in file names, file paths as long as 32767 characters, and much more. It also includes Real Time Synchronization (folder monitoring) and Synthetic Backup.


Syncovery 是在由Super Flexible Software开发类别 Miscellaneous Shareware 软件。

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最新版本是 Syncovery 的 7.98p 2018/06/26 上释放。 它最初被添加到我们的数据库 2012/07/17 上。 最流行的版本是 7.98e,50% 的所有安装使用。

Syncovery 在下列操作系统上运行: Windows。 下载文件的大小 14.8MB。

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